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Response to the 2008 D&AD competition brief of re-launching the avant-garde typography magazine, Fuse, for its 20th issue. The brief included the design of a new featured typeface and advertising poster.

Referencing a contemporary trend of playful 3D 'touchable' graphic design, and the concept of existing physical 'desktop' design resources such as Pantone swatches, my redesign aims to be an accessible and useful, yet attractive and playful new format for showcasing cutting edge typography.

As such, the solution proposes to showcase 10 typefaces in a double-sided card format, to be distributed bi-monthly and to therefore be built up, with accompanying cds, into a desktop and digital font library resource of 60 typefaces a year. The cards and cds are to be contained within an attractive desktop file box, to be provided with the 20th issue, and organised via the use of six file dividers.

The 20th issue will also provide a sheet of stickers; some printed with suggested typeface classifications and others left blank, with which users can create their own typeface organisation categories. As such, the new format enables the user to customise an instantly-accessible 3D typeface organiser in order to facilitate and promote the usage of the Fuse typefaces in future design projects. My featured font has further drawn upon the physical characteristics of these stickers, by interpreting their forms to construct a playful display typeface.

Each typeface will be additionally accompanied by a double-sided poster, with one side featuring a collectable print of the typeface in use, and the other an article pertaining to the typeface or an interview with its designer. It is proposed that this editorial angle will help to stimulate interest in cutting-edge typography by providing interesting and engaging information about the working processes behind the discipline.

The project was nominated in the 2008 D&AD awards.


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